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Cyber Security


29th June 2022, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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We will be joined by Jonathan Green and Jon Hudson from Durham Police Cyber Crime Unit to discuss Cyber Security.

As a new or start-up business, the last thing on your mind can be Cyber Security. Worryingly, criminals don’t give a second thought to this as they are constantly on the look-out for vulnerabilities which they can exploit. It doesn’t matter to them what type of business you are, what the nature of your business is and how long you have been established they prey on us not doing the basics.

The good news is that by doing the basics, we can defend against the most common cyber attacks which account for the majority of attacks that occur. In this session, we will give you an understanding what those basics are and what countermeasures you should consider as part of your cyber security strategy.

Learn how to protect your business from the biggest crime type at an early stage and adopt a culture to make your business more resilient. Topics covered:-

  • What is Cyber Security
  • Ways to protect your business
  • Home and remote working
  • 2Factor Authentication
  • Further Cyber Security support & help

This event is delivered online using Zoom.

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