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3 Videos To Help You Prepare For Life As An Entrepreneur

Life as a startup founder is often glamourised, but if you’re thinking of starting your own business then it’s essential to learn what it really takes to become an entrepreneur. Check out the videos below for useful advice on how to mentally prepare for entrepreneurship.


What They Don’t Tell You About Entrepreneurship

Check out this great TEDx talk from entrepreneur Mark Leruste, who talks refreshingly honestly about what it’s really like to run his own business.

Here are his key insights:

  • Quitting your job to become an entrepreneur will not automatically solve all of your problems.
  • Life as a startup founder is not as glamorous as it looks on social media.
  • Starting your own business is not the only way to find purpose, meaning and adventure in life.


How To Prepare Mentally To Become An Entrepreneur

In this short video, Khan Academy founder Sal Khan gives some great advice on how to mentally prepare to become an entrepreneur.

Here are his top 3 tips for aspiring founders:

  • Suppress your ego and don’t let your success define you.
  • Make yourself as mentally and financially resilient as possible.
  • Be open to criticism and willing to adapt.


How to Prioritise Your Mental Health as an Entrepreneur

In this video from Forbes, business owner Goldie Chan gives fellow entrepreneurs advice on how to prioritise your mental health. Starting and running your own business can be tough, so it’s important to protect your wellbeing and find a work-life balance.

Here’s what she suggests:

  • Develop daily self-care routines to relax and refresh.
  • Set firm work-life boundaries, especially if you’re working from home.
  • Plan long-term to reduce mental fatigue.


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