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Introducing the 2022 FBM Competition

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I am really excited and pleased to be able to welcome the schools of County Durham to this years FBM competition. It seems such a long time since we were last able to run the programme and to be honest the team here at Business Durham has missed the excitement and exhilaration that we get out of seeing your ideas take shape and develop.

Covid 19 has been an unfortunate interruption to so many of the things we all love to do but we believe that it has given us the chance to revaluate some elements of FBM and, we hope, improve on what was a great formula.

2022 will be the first year that FBM has been delivered digitally, and to achieve this Business Durham has commissioned a series of films and supporting resources that should help you progress through the competition.

At its heart, the competition will follow the same path that it has traditionally taken, and you will find many familiar elements presented in a different form. We hope that you find it as engaging as you have in the past.

We hope to reintroduce face to face workshops to supplement the digital experience once we are able to do so safely but this year we do not feel that would be feasible. We are also aware that we may need to make changes to some elements of the competition in response to changing circumstances and that, although we are trying to create a fantastic experience for all who participate, we will inevitably encounter some teething problems when attempting such wide-reaching changes in delivery and we hope you can bear with us as we work through the first online FBM! If you think there is something we should know please get in touch and we will take your comments on board.

Finally, we have always encouraged you to tell us how your team is doing and what has been happening in your school so please send us stories, photographs and videos and we will incorporate them into the site.

Good luck!

Gary Chaplin
FBM Team

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